• Avoid the Wind
  • Blue Lucidity
  • Bolivian Lady
  • Early Autumn Meditation
  • Emily
  • Expencting
  • Final Works - Swan Song
  • Green Glass
  • Megan
  • Neighbor's Fence
  • Paige
  • Portfolio - Aviators
  • Portfolio - Wrestler II
  • Regret
  • Short North Arches
  • Sticky Situation 1
  • Sticky Situation 2
  • Sticky Situation 3
  • Sticky Situation 4
  • Still
  • The Wrestler - Rhonda Bartoe Tucker
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My work is very representational, almost realistic, because I enjoy my ability to mimic and illustrate what I experience and see in life.  However, my goal with my work is not just to capture what I see, but to alter and adjust the mood through light and atmosphere, and, ultimately, to get the viewer to emotionally connect with the piece.

I work primarily with colored pencils, which I find to be a simple, elegant and very versatile medium.  I began using them because they were very easy to use, leave and return to; I’ve continued with them not solely for comfort, but for love of their beauty and the marvelous colors.  Now, I am beginning to discover their versatility and explore greater creativity than ever before.

When I working on a drawing, I become fully absorbed and lost in the process.  I experience an almost meditative feeling which is very, very peaceful.  In doing the work, I believe I make my creative decisions from two areas:  years of practice and study with my medium; and similarly, by instinct, something I was blessed to be born with.

My current areas of interest are first to make art which portrays not just an image, but as the focus in a narrative; and, second, to explore the colored pencil medium, using it on various and unusual supports and mixing it with other media.  I am excited to experiment and to push the medium as far as I can.



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